Random Thoughts: Health Anxiety/OCD/Family

Health anxiety is something I struggle with since developing my “anxiety/Ocd” disorder. Everyday it’s a battle over what disease I feel like I have. When I first started my never-ending journey with anxiety, I didn’t know what caused it. Thinking about it now, I know it was my health scares. I have a fear of … Continue reading Random Thoughts: Health Anxiety/OCD/Family


A Page From My Journal 5.29.18

Fear is all I know these days, fear and worry.I cried for about 30 minutes in the shower I just don't understand why I was dealt this hand in life. I had no parents growing up but now my adult life is full of worry, anxiety, sadness. I don't know how much more I can … Continue reading A Page From My Journal 5.29.18

Therapy Made My Anxiety/OCD Worse

Today I was woken up by my ever so kind husband. He went into work early so at 6 am he did me the favor of waking me up. For whatever reason, when he is not there I tend to sleep in and won’t wake up. Luckily he woke me up, as I was getting … Continue reading Therapy Made My Anxiety/OCD Worse

Mental Health Awareness – May 2018

I read a post today that claimed May was Mental Health Awareness Month. Thinking about this now, I feel like every month should be Awareness Month.  I would have never known what Anxiety/OCD was if I hadn't been diagnosed with this. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. It's … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness – May 2018

Battle Of The Week

Here I am at work, sitting here thinking about my anxiety. Wondering… What if I am going crazy? I am listening to a podcast called “The Anxiety Guru Show”. Let me tell you, I recommend it. This guy is brilliant. He just said as soon as your anxiety gets better, you will stop caring and … Continue reading Battle Of The Week

Obsession of the week? Or Forever?

This week has been extremely hard for me. My trip to Las Vegas is coming up this weekend, and my anxiety has spiked. The last trip I had planned to go to Las Vegas was in April of 2017. That month, my anxiety hit hard. It was my first time dealing with all of this, … Continue reading Obsession of the week? Or Forever?