My Anxiety/OCD as of yet

Since being diagnosed with Anxiety back in May 2017, I feel like I can’t catch a break. Earlier this year I started to see a therapist and she let me know I had a type of OCD. When you think of OCD you think of neat & tidy, NO WAY that was me. I mean … Continue reading My Anxiety/OCD as of yet


Blessing In Disguise

 Growing up I never questioned why I didn't have a mother or father for that matter. I mean sure before the age of about 7 I probably had a question or two. But I can honestly say after that I didn't lose any sleep about it. As crazy as it sounds, I never spent my … Continue reading Blessing In Disguise

What has been helping my Anxiety?

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. In my mind, I never knew it to be an "illness". I thought anxiety was just a feeling you felt that you could overcome. I never knew it would drastically change my thoughts about the world, about everything. This one word, changed my life completely. It … Continue reading What has been helping my Anxiety?