Random Thoughts: Health Anxiety/OCD/Family

Health anxiety is something I struggle with since developing my “anxiety/Ocd” disorder. Everyday it’s a battle over what disease I feel like I have. When I first started my never-ending journey with anxiety, I didn’t know what caused it. Thinking about it now, I know it was my health scares. I have a fear of … Continue reading Random Thoughts: Health Anxiety/OCD/Family


A Page From My Journal 5.29.18

Fear is all I know these days, fear and worry.I cried for about 30 minutes in the shower I just don't understand why I was dealt this hand in life. I had no parents growing up but now my adult life is full of worry, anxiety, sadness. I don't know how much more I can … Continue reading A Page From My Journal 5.29.18

Therapy Made My Anxiety/OCD Worse

Today I was woken up by my ever so kind husband. He went into work early so at 6 am he did me the favor of waking me up. For whatever reason, when he is not there I tend to sleep in and won’t wake up. Luckily he woke me up, as I was getting … Continue reading Therapy Made My Anxiety/OCD Worse

Mental Health Awareness – May 2018

I read a post today that claimed May was Mental Health Awareness Month. Thinking about this now, I feel like every month should be Awareness Month.  I would have never known what Anxiety/OCD was if I hadn't been diagnosed with this. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. It's … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness – May 2018