Buh-Bye Social Media 2k17

In a world where everyone is on social media, why would you want to disappear from the social map?? Well I decided to take the leap and cancel all my social media accounts (for those of you questioning, yes blogging was excluded). It’s been over a month that I deleted my apps which included Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

I did consider myself on the more “popular side” when it came to followers. Twitter I had about 5k, including some famous reality stars and even George Lopez followed me! (I felt accomplished with that ha!) Instagram I had about 8k, let’s be honest and say 4k were bots (those darn your a winner bots) Regardless, I had a good amount of people, which made it even more difficult to break away. For those of you wondering, I was addicted to social media. Even if I had nothing to do on there, I would just be browsing through random photo’s. Complete waste of time…

I have tried numerous time’s to “disable” my accounts. I told myself oh you can get them back later. The temptation of knowing social media is ONE click away was hard. Sure, I would delete the apps, but I would access them here and there through the browser. It was pointless. I needed to delete it completely, to quit cold turkey, and that’s what I did.

Since deleting my social media, I found the following:

  • It helped with my anxiety. You would be surprised how your anxiety spikes when you are reading negative stories daily.
  • I found myself having more time for my son, rather than ignoring him for the like button. (Shame on me) I also can set his limits on how much he plays his tablet, just to make sure he doesn’t get addicted
  • I wasn’t trying to keep up with the Joneses (Or Keeping up with the Kardashians), being off social media, I am not connected to the latest trends, which saves me money and my self-image, ha!
  • I am not “Jealous” of what someone else bought, I always use to see someone post “Look what I got” and think oh wow “Why can’t I have that life… “I am beginning to love my life
  • I realized life is not a popularity contest on who can get the most likes, it’s about family and loyal friends.
  • I don’t have to wait for my phone to ding whenever I get a notification. Those who are important or need to reach me have my number, that’s it.
  • Social media played a huge role in my relationship. My husband hasn’t had it for years, but I now realize I would be glued on it at dinner dates, or any dates. Now we go out, and enjoy our talks.

There are so many more things that are important as to how my life was changed by social media, maybe I’ll do another post about it later. However, now here comes the fun part!

Why I’m glad to leave Social Media in 2k17 :

  • I don’t have to see those ads regarding tummy teas. STOP
  • I don’t have to see those blue hair gummies floating around everywhere . . . We get it, they make your hair grow
  • Fashion Nova Reps, be gone! (No offense Fashion Nova, love your stuff, just hate that I had to pay while they don’t (hence the jealousy LOL)
  • I don’t have to update my apps, and I have more space in my phone
  • I can finally stop trying to use an Instagram tutorial to do my makeup, never worked for me ha-ha
  • I don’t have to try to figure out who unfollowed me, yes, I’m that person lol
  • I won’t have to focus on everyone’s kids, just mine!

Now I am not saying I will never have social media again, chances are I will. However, for now, it’s been nice knowing you social media!

Buh-Bye Social Media!

Image result for social media carton funny  Image result for social media carton funny


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