Battle Of The Week

Here I am at work, sitting here thinking about my anxiety. Wondering… What if I am going crazy? I am listening to a podcast called “The Anxiety Guru Show”. Let me tell you, I recommend it. This guy is brilliant. He just said as soon as your anxiety gets better, you will stop caring and taking care of it (anxiety). I can relate.


Over a month ago, I was dedicated. I was running, eating better, doing therapy, reading self-help books.  Now I stopped caring just because I seemed to have forgotten I had anxiety. I wish I had l kept going.


This week my anxiety has spiked up, I got the physical symptoms again. That doesn’t scare me much. However now the intrusive thoughts have come in. What if you never get over this? What if you live your life in fear? What if you don’t have another kid because of your fear? What if your husband gets fed up and leaves you? What if you are going crazy & the doctors are wrong? What if you lose it? What if….. It can go on and on.


Have you ever felt like your anxiety was making you worry about every little thing? Unless I’m out and about, my anxiety and OCD has taken over my thoughts. I no longer can sit at work and just not think about anxiety. I start googling , of course that scares me! Ugh this is the most frustrating week I’ve had in month or two.


Anyone else want to share their story? Because right now I feel like I’m so fearful of the smallest thing… I could really use someone to talk to, that knows what I’m going through. It’s nice to talk to family and friends, but after a year the words “ it will get better” don’t seem to do it for me anymore.



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